Zhonghong Boyuan won the third place in Nanchang Division of 【Maker China】 in 2021

  China Jiangxi Net News: On the morning of August 5th, Jiangxi Zhonghong Boyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. won the second place in the 6th "Maker China" Nanchang SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Jiangxi Province with a high score of 87.4.

  The topic of Zhonghong Boyuan's competition is "The Creation of Leading Human Disease Animal Models in China", with the national high-tech research and development of human disease animal models as the important core. After intense speeches and Q&A sessions, the winners of the regional competitions and VR competitions have been announced. This also marks the success of the sixth "Maker China" SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

  The competition is divided into two parts, the regional competition and the VR special competition. There are two schedules for the preliminary competition and the final competition. After the rigorous review of the preliminary competition and open and fair competitions, the regional competition and the VR special competition each selected twelve outstanding projects to enter the finals. The companies that entered the finals took the stage to give speeches in the order of the lottery. Then experts asked questions and comments. The finals were mainly based on the project. The four dimensions of innovation, project economic benefits, project social benefits, and reproducibility will be scored on site. After the review and selection of expert judges, the regional competition and thematic competition will be selected as the first, second, 12 third prizes.

  The world's first silicon-based phosphor-free pure LED lighting technology won the first prize

  The reporter noticed that in the regional competition, Jiangxi Golden Light Xingyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. won the first prize with the world’s first silicon-based phosphor-free pure LED lighting technology. The problem is that the luminous efficiency of the yellow LED has been greatly improved, and it has created the highest value in the world, which is a milestone.

  Jiangxi Xiaoma Robot Co., Ltd. won the second prize at the same time as Zhonghong Boyuan. They are the only intelligent robot company in Jiangxi Province with core technology research and development to complete machine manufacturing. They mainly create intelligence that makes human work safer and more efficient. robot.

  The third prize winners are Jiangxi Hongda Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd., Nanchang Xieda Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Kongfu Future Technology Innovation Co., Ltd., who respectively introduced the first domestic infusion set that uses a filter membrane to achieve automatic liquid stop function; A complete set of solutions for emergency public health incident handling, flow adjustment, command and dispatch, monitoring and early warning, etc.; UAVs help low-altitude economic and high-level development of three outstanding projects.

  In the VR special contest, Nanchang Virtual Reality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. won the first prize for its high-fidelity virtual digital human asset production project, Nanchang Tellhow Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Kejun Industrial Co., Ltd. won the second prize, Jiangxi Quenching Information Technology Co., Ltd., Nanchang Xiaohuan Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Qianao Technology Development Co., Ltd. won the third prize.

  The purpose of this competition is to stimulate innovation potential, gather entrepreneurial resources, create an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, and jointly build a platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide exchanges and display, project incubation, and industry-finance docking, discover and cultivate a number of outstanding projects and outstanding teams, and give birth to new products , New technologies, new models and new business formats; promote the transformation, upgrading and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises into specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises and specialized small giant enterprises, support the integration and innovation of large and medium-sized enterprises, and assist the construction of a strong manufacturing country and a network power.